About us

AFNOR Certification, performance partner

AFNOR Certification provides certification of management systems, products, services and skills, in areas as diverse as energy efficiency, IT security, quality and sustainable development. We adapt to your needs to offer you, existing or collaboratively developed, high value-added certification to help you increase your performance and customers’ satisfaction.

In a competitive world, to win you have to be noticed

Read the story of Lea, who turned to AFNOR Certification to obtain certification of the quality of her products and recognition of her best management practices.

Why choose us ?

The leading certification body in France

Delivering widely known trusted brands such as NF, AFAQ and the EU Ecolabel, AFNOR Certification offers businesses and professionals quality symbols that raise their recognition.

As a developer of standards-based reference systems and a label creator and operator, AFNOR Certification helps private and public players define the process best suited to their strategies, across multiple sites on a national and international scale.

  • A pool of over 1,900 auditors, including more than 750 internationally, certified for their skills and selected for their experience in your business sector.
  • A dedicated sales representative and account manager to conduct your audit.
  • A close working relationship thanks to our 14 regional offices and 39 international offices that provide additional personalized support.
  • The ability to conduct audits across multiple sites anywhere in the world, regardless of your organization’s size or business sector.
  • Over 20 years of experience creating certification and assessment solutions.