Lockdown: get audited remotely

At AFNOR Group, more than a thousand auditors are equipped to carry out remote audits. (Credit: Getty Images/FS Productions)
At AFNOR Group, more than a thousand auditors are equipped to carry out remote audits. (Credit: Getty Images/FS Productions)

Spring 2020: the lockdown imposed in France and in certain other countries in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic limits the possibility of opening up your organization to an auditor who comes to verify correct application of a certification document. Why not do it remotely?

ISO 9001 for Quality management, ISO 14001 for the Environment, ISO 45001 for Occupational Health & Safety, ISO 50001 for Energy… Have you asked to be audited on one or more of the major certification documents in order to obtain a sign of recognition for your good practices? Be aware that if you are in lockdown, AFNOR Group can audit you remotely! And if your certificate expires, you can negotiate a postponement.

Lockdown: more than 1,000 auditors equipped with technical means

In the spring of 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic is severely limiting the possibility of going to the workplace. This is true for you, who normally work there, but also for our auditors who usually have to travel to conduct audits on-site. “More than 1,000 AFNOR Group auditors have the technical means to carry out audits remotely. All those who had to audit in March and April 2020 have the technical means to do so,” states AFNOR Certification’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP). AFNOR Certification is AFNOR Group’s certification business unit in France. Its business continuity plan is based on six pillars:

  • Seamless continuity of our customer services
  • The ability to carry out audits remotely (or conduct a distance examination for skill certification)
  • The possibility of postponing an audit (or skill certification examination) to a later date
  • Implementation of a temporary “safety net” type of arrangement in order to retain a certificate on an exceptional basis
  • Conducting audits on-site, as a last resort, when the activity is deemed essential and adequate security measures are in place
  • Emerging from lockdown, with specific support measures

Our BCP enables organizations and individuals to maintain their certifications and/or labels as far as possible,” said Franck Lebeugle, Managing Director of AFNOR Certification in France. “These measures take account of regular announcements by the French government and recommendations made by the public authorities. They also incorporate instructions from the accreditation and approval bodies and are subject to change as the situation evolves. 

Certification of personnel: contact the AFNOR Group teams

AFNOR Group has thus developed a set of alternative solutions, which are broken down by type of certification. If certification rules or the situation do not permit this, organizations should make every effort to find a solution together and on a case-by-case basis. This is especially the case for proprietary schemes such as automotive, aerospace and UNIFE. And as far as certification of individuals is concerned, for all examination sessions initially scheduled in the coming weeks, we ask you to get in touch with your account managers. Wishing you effective continuance of your certification in lockdown and beyond!

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