ISO 17100: AFNOR certifies a Russian translation agency

middle : Boris Aronstein (Techinput). ©DR

middle : Boris Aronstein (Techinput). ©DR

On 1 July, the AFNOR group awarded specialist translation agency Techinput with ISO 17100 certification in recognition of the quality of its services, which it provides solely to customers in the oil and gas sector.

On Friday 1 July, AFNOR was working on Russian time. AFNOR Certification invited over several customers from Moscow audited by its local representative, AFNOR Russia. One of them, specialist translation agency Techinput received ISO 17100 certification, specific to translation services, which it performs solely for the oil and gas sector.

Boris Aronstein, founding CEO of Techinput, talks of “huge recognition”, particularly as his agency is the first to be certified in this way in Russia, and the first to receive AFNOR certification. ISO 17100 certification, which is based on the voluntary international standard of the same name, relates to the quality policies of translation agencies only (that is, it does not cover interpreting).

The magic word for invitations to tender

In order to award it, the auditor checks, for example, that work is organized in such a way as to promote “stability of terminology”: a term specific to the oil industry will always be translated in a given context by the same term in another language, whoever the translator. Thus, the Russian word translated as piping in English remains piping from one text to another, and doesn’t become tubing, a different term denoting a drilling pipe.

ISO 17100 might well be a “niche” certification, but it is still set to spread, given the new demands made by translation buyers. “It is increasingly required for invitations to tender issued by oil and gas multinationals,” explains Boris Aronstein. For Techinput, achieving ISO 17100 certification was therefore an essential condition for international growth, both from its Moscow offices and its Astana (Kazakhstan) and Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) branches. “The language of ISO is a language that reaches across borders,” says Boris Aronstein, who acquired this culture of certification and voluntary standards in the United States, where his agency’s parent company is located. Techinput obtained ISO 9001 (quality management) certification… in 2004.


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