At Axon’ Cable, occupational health & safety means ISO 45001

Axon’ Cable is the first company in France to hold ISO 45001 certification

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Axon’ Cable situated in the Champagne region is the first company in France to hold ISO 45001 certification. As such this manufacturer of electronic components demonstrates its outstanding occupational health & safety management.

Axon’ Cable is based at Montmirail in the Marne department and has a workforce of 700. It designs and produces a range of electronic components including custom designed precision conductors, wires and cables, connectors, cable assemblies, mini-systems and interconnect solutions. This high-tech activity exposes employees to specific health and safety risks. Risks that the organization is wholly committed to reducing in order to prevent accidents and provide a healthy and safe work environment.

Staying ahead of regulatory requirements, Axon’ Cable has chosen to adopt the new international occupational health & safety management standard ISO 45001 as a framework for excellence. Seeking recognition by an impartial body and reassurance that it was correctly applying the standard in every detail, Axon’ Cable approached AFNOR Certification. After an in-depth audit it obtained the certification thereby becoming the first organization in France to do so.

ISO 45001: addressing occupational risks

The certification recognizes a continual improvement policy instituted before the standard was published. Based on the results of an evaluation document provided to every employee, Axon’ Cable has put in place preventive actions enabling it to anticipate occupational risks and reduce them. One example is the provision of ergonomic workstations in both offices and production areas. Similarly, “in the next few months our organization will further improve its emergency preparedness and response plan and provide training for personnel,” explains QSE Manager Agnès Deuwel.

The well-being of people is of course a core concern. And so Axon’ Cable has deployed AxoCare, a tool for evaluating motivation, feelings and stress levels and made available for use by occupational doctors and nurses. It is intended to connect this software to a new test bench and so help reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in employees. And this focus on ergonomics leads to improved comfort and productivity. Agnès Deuwel: “We aim to improve this tool in order to collect as much data as possible and say goodbye to MSDs.” And ultimately achieve zero work-related accidents.

Raising awareness about eating well

The OH&S management system also includes a quality of life aspect. Sandrine Hermant, the company’s Projects and Marketing Manager, tells us: “Our employees are involved at five levels – well-being, sport, nutrition, hydration and interaction.” In this context the organization has put in place the “Axionate” programme (literal meaning: “take action”) inspired by practices introduced in its Mexican subsidiary. The objective is to encourage employees to stay healthy by taking regular physical exercise and eating a balanced diet. During 2017 around 400 people voluntarily participated in group activities such as a table football tournament, pétanque, yoga classes, piloxing and running. A nutritionist provides guidance on how to change eating habits. Sandrine Hermant: “This presence raises awareness about eating well”.

From occupational health to social responsibility, another step forward. Following on from ISO 45001 the company intends to increase its commitment to sustainable development by formalizing a CSR policy. To be continued…

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