ISO 20000-1: EY Romania proves its worth on the IT advisory market


By becoming ISO 20000-1 certified in 2015 – the international standard for IT service management – EY Romania proved its determination to constantly innovate and improve its skills on the IT advisory market. Interview with Andrei Hatarascu, Quality & Risk Management Manager.

Why did EY Romania need to be ISO 20000-1 certified?

Andrei Hatarascu, Quality & Risk Management Manager – EY Romania. ©DR

Our company being already ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certified, achieving ISO/CEI 20000-1 certification was a natural path to follow as we are constantly increasing our share on the IT advisory market. Also, we felt some pressure from our clients’ side and we wanted to be prepared and to be able to better face our competitors in terms of qualifications and certifications.

How did you get ready for the certification?

In order to reach that goal, we were assisted by a local consultant who is very experienced in this matter. As it was a new standard for us, we came across some difficulties in finding the best approach. But with the help of our consultant and thanks to our colleagues’ strong IT background and experience, we managed to implement an efficient management system that can definitely be further improved.


What’s changed since the certification was granted?

The IT market is one of the most dynamic ones and if you want to be a part of it, you have to constantly adapt yourself, learn, develop new skills and most of all innovate. At EY, we are committed to constant innovation and improvement, so the system is growing and changing along with our own services. Becoming ISO 20000-1 certified helped a lot in demonstrating to our clients and to our competitors that we are a strong and recognizable player on this market. Furthermore, this is a new certification that proves the quality of our services and our expertise.

What are EY’s expectations in that matter?

Our expectation was also to be recognized as an advisory company and particularly a strong player on the IT advisory market. We did not want to be considered only as a company specialized in financial audit. So now it helps a lot to introduce in our presentations to our clients and prospects our services along with the different certifications we’ve obtained.

Could you give an example?

For instance, we were surprised to see that getting ISO/CEI 20000-1 certification was considered an advantage regarding some of the tenders we have participated in. Also we were supposed to present the certifications to some of our traditional clients as part of their annual providers’ evaluation process and they were pleased to hear that our IT services management system is now certified by a European certifying body like AFNOR Certification. They were also satisfied to find out that this IT management system is also integrated to our other management systems which they’re already familiar with.

How is EY Romania getting ready for next year’s auditing?

We have decided on a new approach as we have contracted a new consultant to help us deal with our certifications. We will have an external provider at least for documentation update, internal audit, continuous improvement and assistance for the management review. We are now in the phase of updating our entire system as we are also planning to move to the latest version of ISO 9001 during the recertification process.


Focus on EY Romania

EY is a $31.4 billion global organization and one of the world’s leading professional services firms (assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services), with over 250,000 people into 28 regions across 150 countries. EY was one of the first international professional services firms to open an office in Bucharest in 1992. Today its network of four offices in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Iasi is headed by 20 partners, has 770 executives and staff and continues to grow. EY Romania has significant experience in serving leading companies and investors in various areas including oil & gas, utilities and energy, financial services, telecommunications, real estate, automotive, industrial production, and retail and consumer products.


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