ISO 50001: a new guidebook to switch to the 2018 version

ISO 50001 guidebook

AFNOR Energies experts have prepared for you a guidebook so that you can discover the new version of ISO 50001 one step at a time and so that you have every opportunity to improve your energy performance.

Which are the key features of ISO 50001 2018 version? What are the benefits for your energy management system (EnMS) and how to update it? Our AFNOR Energies guidebook helps you implement the standard and claim for recognition in order to get the new ISO 50001 certification. You are an Energy manager? In charge of certification in your company? You can download it for free!

The 2018 version of ISO 50001 is intended to promote a high-level reflection within organizations linking overall strategy and energy use. Knowing the context of your activities, identifying the interested parties, the risks and opportunities: the standard entails an analysis to determine the framework of the EnMS. Drawing on the experience acquired on management systems, this new version adopts the common structure of management system standards to facilitate compatibility with ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.

ISO 50001:2018: the planning of energy data collection

The 2018 version of ISO 50001 aims more than ever at promoting a culture of lasting results and placing the improvement in energy performance at the core of the EnMS. To achieve this, more emphasis is placed on the planning of energy data collection. Indeed, by asking at the earliest stages what means are needed to correctly measure the achievement of energy objectives, it is easier to calculate your energy performance. In these respects, the standard has benefited from the energy savings measurement and verification methodologies developed in the IPMVP protocol and the ISO 50015 standards (Energy management systems – Measurement and verification of energy performance of organizations) and ISO 50047 (Energy savings).

You are an Energy manager? In charge of certification in your company? You can download AFNOR Energies guidebook for free ! AFNOR Energies is the AFNOR Group’s network of energy efficiency specialists.

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