A springboard for ISO 14001 with Indiko Environmental Performance


AFNOR Group has its own anti-pollution sticker: Indiko Environmental Performance. “Excellent”, “Can do better”… This free tool gives you an idea of how your organization rates on eco-friendliness, whether ISO 14001 certified or not.

From the early 2010’s, the residents of several European urban areas have been required to use an anti-pollution sticker for their cars. So do the Parisians from January 16th: the sticker indicates the pollutant emission levels, with a colour and a category (0, 1, 2… up to 6) corresponding to the Euro class on the vehicle’s registration documents. Air pollution stickers, energy labels… tangible indicators are key to an effective environmental strategy. They play an essential role when determining opportunities for improvement, launching actions and measuring the results. Indiko Environmental Performance has been created with this in mind.

This free online measurement and comparison tool developed by AFNOR Group is readily available to all organizations, from those starting out on an approach to reduce their environmental impacts through to the most mature organizations. It’s also useful for entities already holding ISO 14001 certification based on the standard of the same name which describes the criteria for an effective environmental management system. They will appreciate the tool just as much as beginners, since it offers an operational way of measuring their environmental performance as required by ISO 14001 version 2015.

 6 subject areas, 18 high-level indicators

Indiko Environmental Performance is based around an online questionnaire focusing on six environmental areas: waste, air, water, energy, biodiversity and environmental management. The data recorded enables AFNOR Group experts to issue a fully confidential personalized dashboard containing 18 high-level indicators (29 in all, to be completed fully or partially) and compare them with the average scores of organizations who have already benefited from the tool. For example, Indiko records tell us that a professional in the food & drink industry produces almost 11 tonnes of non-hazardous waste. Will you be below or above that level?

Indiko Environmental Performance therefore acts as an effective barometer to help you strengthen your continual improvement approach. As well as the direct environmental benefits, measuring and raising environmental performance is conducive to improving products and services, making savings and addressing the needs and expectations of interested parties. Over 500 organizations and entities from all sectors have already tried out the tool. The more companies taking part, the richer the benchmark data. Get in on the act!


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