CSR Score assessment: a first step towards social responsibility

CSR Score

AFNOR Certification has created CSR SCORE in response to the needs of SMEs. Costing less than 1,000 euros and taking less than three weeks, this online assessment service issues a score for the organization’s corporate social responsibility performance (CSR) and provides tools for spreading the word about the result obtained.

Many companies have still not dared to assess their practices due to either fear of the unknown or financial reasons. Yet several SMEs already pursue initiatives that they could leverage, such as to break into the growing number of markets requiring firm evidence of companies’ contributions towards sustainable development.

To help companies take their first step towards an initial independent assessment of their level of CSR commitment, AFNOR Certification has created a highly affordable online assessment tool (less than 1,000 euros). CSR SCORE has been designed for SMEs looking for a low-cost solution, but it could also meet the needs of larger organizations.


Companies wishing to find out their CSR SCORE are given access to a secure web space, where they can take their time answering 30 questions based on ISO 26000, the benchmark standard on social responsibility. The results obtained provide evidence that is entered into a case file and subsequently checked by AFNOR Certification’s CSR assessors. Their role is to analyze and confirm the company’s reported level of CSR commitment.

In less than three weeks, the company receives its score, validated by AFNOR Certification. It can promote its score by means of a logo that is valid for one year and which indicates the rating obtained. A communication kit is provided to give the company greater credibility when discussing CSR issues with stakeholders.

The score issued also places the company on a scale which is useful for benchmarking its performance with other rated companies in its sector. A personalized summary report is produced to help the company identify its real strengths and especially its opportunities for improvement. This is where the CSR strategy truly makes sense: it represents a strategic management tool for the organization by offering an insight into its activities from an environmental, societal and social perspective.

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