Orange Tunisie improves the security management of its information system with ISO 27001

Orange Tunisie has achieved ISO 27001 certification for its information security management system. Orange Tunisie has become the first and only certified operator in the country, thereby responding to the need to keep the data of its customers and employees both secure and confidential.

Aware of the challenges relating to information security in its core business as a convergent technology operator, Orange Tunisie implemented a strategy to obtain ISO/IEC 27001 certification, which is recognized as the leading international standard for information security management.

Ever since its inception, Orange Tunisie had modelled its operations on the ISO 27001 standard and had therefore gained a head start towards certification. “Ever since our company was founded in May 2010, we have pursued a strong policy to protect the information of our customers and employees. The experience that we have acquired along the way meant that we already had a solid foundation when applying for certification. We serve a wide range of customers, meaning that we have to adapt and always go the extra mile when reviewing and implementing our infrastructures” explains Zyed Tira, Chief Information Officer at Orange Tunisie.

AFNOR Certification carried out a five-day audit to assess the performance of Orange Tunisie’s Internet and mobile customer service at its largest sites (head office, data centre, supervision centre and the different customer service sites), currently representing close to 650 employees.

The audit enabled Orange Tunisie to reach a new milestone in its security strategy by obtaining ISO/IEC 27001 certification. All the tools and procedures supporting Orange Tunisie’s customer services are now an integral part of the company’s policy for security excellence.

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