Railway: a webinar to win the trust of your customers


You are a railway professional ? Feel free to join to our free webinar on June25, 2019, in order to know how to win the trust of your customers… thanks to the IRIS-ISO/TS 22163 certification.

You are a railway professional and you realize development, production and maintenance activity? You need to answer high requirements in your market: maintaining sustainability on regional rail lines, developing a maintenance and operating policy compatible with a possible competition, supporting the modernization and reappointment of the rail network, encouraging exchanges on cost management. But how to prove your operational excellence to your customers? How to demonstrate your quality and security of your products? How to win the trust of your customers?

Join AFNOR Certification’s one-hour free webinar on June 25, 2019! You will understand how the IRIS–ISO/TS 22163 certification based on ISO 9001 is an undeniable asset to implement a continuous improvement process. You will be proposed a review of the 2018 transition, with auditors and clients sharing their experiences and tops & flops. The webinar is free but registration is required.

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