IRIS Certification is one way to mitigate risk in business

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Dr Krystyna Stephens, Chairman of the Board of BPIC Sp. z o.o. and AFNOR Polska, explains to Rynek Inwestycji, a Polish magazine, the benefits of implementing a management system standards, thanks to IRIS – ‘The International Railway Industry Standard’.

The high risk industry sectors such as rail, aerospace, automotive, energy and food sectors require stringent process requirements from both quality and safety perspectives to enable them to meet the justifiably high level of stakeholder’s expectations. One such standard, IRIS, is setting the stringent process requirements that the railway industry expects companies to meet. That is what Krystyna Stephens, Chairman of the Board of BPIC Sp. z o.o. and AFNOR Polska, explains to the Polish magazine Rynek Inwestycji.

This standard was developed by four major global players in the rail industry: Alstom Transport, Ansaldo Breda, Siemens Transportation Systems and Bombardier Transportation. Now, it is owned and managed by the UNIFE Group (The Association of the European Rail Industry).

The IRIS standard is based on ISO 9001 structure adding railway specific requirements to the business management system, e.g. project management, design, life cycle costs etc. Its aim is to develop and implement a global system for the evaluation of companies supplying to the railway industry with uniform: language, assessment guidelines and mutual acceptance of audits, which create a high level of transparency throughout the supply chain.

IRIS differs from ISO 9001 as it is a system that both defines the requirements in content, procedures and evaluation of audits as well as a requirement profile for the certification bodies and auditors.

Consult full article – including Radosław Banach testimony, Chairman of the Board,Alstom Konstal S.A in Chorzów, Poland (certified to IRIS by AFNOR since 2009)


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